Come meet the team that earned

Carriage Hill Bethesda's coveted CMS 5-Star Rating


Jim Jarboe, Administrator

Mr. Jarboe graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of Maryland College of Business and Management. He is a Washington D.C. metropolitan native and grew up in Montgomery County. Mr. Jarboe has been with the Carriage Hill organization since 1985 and has served as the Administrator at Carriage Hill Bethesda since 1996. As the head of facility operations, he is responsible for management of all facility departments and services. Under his leadership, he and his team have achieved the highest CMS rating of 5-stars for four consecutive years. Jim has also served as preceptor and mentor to train an assist individuals to earn their Administrator license. He practices a hands-on management philosophy to support staff at all levels and promote a high quality model for resident care and satisfaction. He and his team are proud to have been honored as one of the top nursing homes in Maryland.

Claire Malden, Director of Nursing

Ms. Malden was trained at St. Mary’s Hospital Paddington, London, U.K. She has worked with the Carriage Hill organization since 1972 and served as the Director of Nursing at Carriage Hill Bethesda since 1978. Her first priority has always been a commitment to high quality nursing care — employing and mentoring the right nursing staff comes a close second. As the head of the nursing department, she maintains that in addition to clinical competence, nurses must have a belief in something greater than themselves so they will always strive for excellence.

Chris Trump, Admissions Director

Mr. Trump earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Flagler College St. Augustine, Florida and has over twenty years  of experience in long-term health care. He has served as the Director of Admissions at Carriage Hill Bethesda since 2006. Mr. Trump is proud to be part of Carriage Hill’s long tradition as a premier health care provider to the community for over forty years. He values each relationship and looks to use his knowledge and experience to assist residents and families make placement and healthcare decisions. His favorite part of his job is interacting with residents and families to ensure a smooth transition and that all their needs are met at Carriage Hill. Chris is also a husband and the proud father of two wonderful boys.

Tara Lawal, Executive Assistant

Mrs. Lawal has served in several administrative positions with Carriage Hill since 2005. As the Executive Assistant to the Administrator, she brings years of experience in managing the facility office staff as well as customer relations. Tara also assists residents and families with discharge planning and insurance claim and submission processes. Her number one priority is to meet the needs of residents and families in a timely and efficient manner. She believes in cultivating positive relationships with residents and staff to achieve the highest quality of care with compassion and purpose. Tara is a wife and mother to four exceptional children.

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